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Spooky Halloween Crafts: 35 Hauntingly Easy Projects and Decorating Tips by Susan Cousineau

August 12, 2009
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Spooky Halloween Crafts Spooky Halloween Crafts by Susan Cousineau

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I was a little worried when I opened this book & immediately thought, “Cheesy crafts.” But I was pleasantly surprised as I continued to read. The author has some good (& unique) tips about crafting that I found useful. I like the Black Cat Candy Cup (& a ghost & pumpkin version) made from Styrofoam balls & instant papier mache. This is a fairly easy craft that could turn out some heirloom-worthy art if you really put your own original spin on the painting & decoration. Also, the Pumpkin Pin Pal (with ghost & cat versions) are really adorable, easy & downright fun. Love the use of “baby bracelet” beads on the ghost pin spelling out BOO. The Frankenstein pizza box is a comical way to recycle that bane of every trash collector’s existence. There’s also a recipe for Cookie Monster Pizza (a big chocolate chip cookie with gummy worms) to put inside the box. I think these would be good crafts for all the kids in the family (that bid kid named Mom especially).

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