Not A Pink Girl

MAD MEN Season 4 Pitches: Most Wouldn’t Cut It on Madison Avenue | January 13, 2011

The American Cancer Society pitch was fundamentally flawed. Teenagers are NOT afraid of death. That’s why the tobacco companies want them to get started smoking as young teenagers. They think death is what happens to old people, not them. Also, they’re not sentimental; they want to be in with the “in” crowd & part of the latest fads & trends. Terrible pitch.

The Vicks cough drop in church certainly would have been offensive to Catholics, who are not allowed to eat or drink anything but water 1 hour before receiving communion.

The Jantzen pitch made no sense. “So well-built, we can’t show you the second floor.” Is the “second floor” the woman’s breasts? So you can show us the first floor? Is the first floor her derriere & privates? Makes no sense. Terrible pitch.

Sugarberry Ham was fabulous. Housewives would always remember that commercial with the housewives duking it out over a ham, of all things. Housewives abhor the grocery store, & believe me, they’re in the mood for a fight while they’re there. They’d rather be ANYWHERE else. Those Sugarberry hams would be flying off the shelves.

Fillmore Auto Parts was great because men define themselves by how handyman-ly they are, whether they’re work on Wall Street or Main Street. White- & blue-collar men would be drawn to Fillmore because of this ad.

Topaz pantyhose was good too, because it appealed to women of all classes. Women who were scraping by would like the “only pair you’ll ever need” & figure that meant they wouldn’t have to spend as much money on hose because they got a run. Richer women would like the name Topaz & the fact that it was a “singular” brand (not like all the other, run-of-the-mill cheaper brands).

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