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The Glass Of Time by Michael Cox | April 6, 2010

The Glass of Time: A Novel The Glass of Time: A Novel by Michael Cox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I was stunned by this book. It’s hard to believe it was written less than 5 years ago! I’d read the Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories, which Michael Cox edited. & I absolutely love that book. But this novel is an instant classic. It has it all: a cunning & ruthless “heroine” whom, in spite of her lack of a conscience, you root for ’til the end; sweeping Gothic vistas of creaky old British mansions & their grounds (including, of course, a library with hidden passages & a cobweb-strewn mausoleum); passion, betrayal, long-buried secrets come to light, Shakespeare-esque turns of plot, lockets with dead lovers’ hair in them, & really, really nice clothes.

I’m going to read ALL of Michael Cox’s works. BTW I listened to this audio CD which was read by Josephine Bailey. She must be one of the very best book readers I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to! She also read PORTRAIT OF AN UNKNOWN WOMAN by Vanora Bennett, which I enjoyed immensely.

As an aside, I believe this book to be exponentially better than Wuthering Heights, which I slogged through & completely don’t understand why everyone is so taken by it.

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