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For God’s sake, STOP bitching & moaning about the post office! And check YOURSELF! | March 8, 2010

*sigh* I’m tired of people slamming the USPS. The reason it moves so slowly is because of the CUSTOMERS. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people walk up to the clerk & hold up a Target bag & say, “I need to mail this.” Then it’s like charades. “Yes sir. Where would you like to mail it?” “Dallas.” “What’s the address?” “Um, I’m not sure.” {stands there} “Well sir, do you have any idea of what the street name is?” “Lemme call my wife.” >.< Once a middle-aged woman walked in. She stood in a line of about 15 people for about 7 minutes (read that again; that's pretty darn efficient). When she got to the counter she said, "I need to pick up my mail that I had stopped when I was on vacation." "What's your address?" {tells clerk} "Ma'am, do you have ID?" "WHY do you need my ID?" {me: STEAMING} "Well ma'am, we need to make sure we're not giving your mail to someone other than you." "I swear! You all at the post office are RIDICULOUS! No WONDER you have such a bad reputation!" {huffs out of the post office} I could go on. & I don't & never have worked for the USPS, nor do I have any relatives or friends that do. Give me a break with the "government out of my life" crud!


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