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The Murder Book by Jonathan Kellerman: Awful! (Almost) 0 stars! | March 6, 2010

The Murder Book (Alex Delaware, #16) The Murder Book by Jonathan Kellerman

My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Here’s a book that should make prospective authors RUN to their computers & start typing! I cannot believe Jonathan Kellerman is a best-selling author. This book was awful. I would have somehow given it zero stars except that I love Los Angeles (where the book takes place) & I did want to see the mystery solved. Not sure if there was one likable character in the book (maybe Robin & Alex’s dog).

A definite sign that the author is a poor writer: he uses a lot of obscenity. That’s a cop-out for a writer who can’t think of the right language to use to get his point across. Also, the use of cliches in this book has to have broken some kind of record. And practically every character (including the “protagonist”) was an alcoholic.

Do these “best-selling authors” just phone in their manuscripts? Do they have interns writing the books (ones who have nothing original to say & don’t know which correct word to use)? Jonathan Kellerman actually used the (non)word “apprehensiveness.” Dear heaven! How about “apprehension,” Jonathan Kellerman (& his “editor”)?

This book should be shelved under MY KINGDOM FOR AN EDITOR.

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