Not A Pink Girl

A gypsy’s life for me. | December 30, 2009

My online persona has the name gypsy in it. Why?

Part of the reason is because I love to travel. I usually do so by car just for financial reasons. I love to fly & cruise too. & go by Amtrak!

When I was a little girl I would go in my room to get ready for Mass. When I came out, my mother would say, “Look at you! You have so many different colors on, you look like a gypsy. Now get back in there & change your clothes!”

Also, my father never “got” me. (I was 1 of 5 kids.) When I was little (say, 4 or 5) he started saying, “One day we’re going to take you back to the gypsies who left you on our doorstep when you were a baby. We don’t want you anymore.” Sad, yes. Once I packed my little kid suitcase (not forgetting my Catholic school uniform) to be ready for when the gypsies came back for me.

So that’s me: gypsy grrl.


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