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The Moscow Vector by Patrick Larkin | June 12, 2009

The Moscow Vector (Robert Ludlum's Covert-One Series) The Moscow Vector by Patrick Larkin

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars
Oh my. This book was bad. I was going to say really bad, but in the penultimate chapter I actually was engaged by the plot for about 3 pages.

It bothers me when publishers deke the reader with a cover that screams ROBERT LUDLUM’S MOSCOW VECTOR then in tiny letters written by patrick larkin. I want to know exactly the extent of Robert Ludlum’s involvement in this book project. I bet he didn’t read it. If he had he wouldn’t have put his name on it.

The body count? I lost count. There was no holding back for Robert Ludlum’s Patrick Larkin. Every time you turned around somebody was getting executed. Really unnecessary massacres.

The dialogue in this book was awkward & not like real conversations between people. Every male character called every female character “Ms.” The Russian bad guys called the female CIA agents “Ms” Whatever. At one point even another woman called a female agent “Ms.” Um, we don’t talk like that in real life.

The use of cliches was rampant. Whew. No original writing here. Also the writer used weird phrasing like he’d run out of ways to say “he said.” At one point the dialogue went something like this: “‘The drone missile has missed its target & hit civilians,’ he said seriously.” Isn’t the fact he said it “seriously” implied?

The author (who was the author?) seemed to be intent on sharing his knowledge (or recently-acquired research) about firearms & ammunition. Detailed descriptions of every weapon & its magazine, clip, bullet, or whatever other name you want to use for it was supplied in almost every chapter.

And speaking of chapters: When is a lot too many? There were at least 50 chapters in this book. I was more engaged by the old Nancy Drew books written by the old syndicates. They stuck to a 20-or-so chapter maximum (you always knew whodunit by Chapter XX).

The reader of this book had an annoying habit of making (US) President Sam Castilla sound just like George W. Bush. I was waiting for him to say, “That dog don’t hunt” or “Big hat, no cattle.” He came close. That was really irksome, having to be reminded of W, just when I was trying so hard to forget him (along with the rest of the country).

The main reason why I disliked this book was because it was boring. Also, I love John le Carre & this book wasn’t fit to act as a bookend to his spy novels.

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