Not A Pink Girl

“Healthy” debate? Impossible. | May 29, 2009

The older I get, the less possible it is for me to be “friends” with anyone who is a reactionary right-wing zealot. I don’t get the “healthy debate” thing. The “healthy” part goes right out the window when Republicans start using words like “abomination” & “anti-family” & “unnatural.”

I am Catholic & I think Jesus is a wonderful person to emulate. These crazy anti-choice automatons that pretend to be Christian or Catholic do no speak for me & all Catholics are not like them. They espouse hate & violence against anyone who does not act & speak like them.

Note I used the word “act.” So many of these haters live in fear: of themselves, of their true sexuality, of “The Bad Guys,” of foreign speakers, the list goes on.


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