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Yeah! Vera Bradley integrates (sort of). | September 30, 2008

I was at the Hallmark store a few days ago buying a thank-you card for my friend Diane (she took me out for a fabulously decadent birthday lunch at Cheesecake Factory) & I noticed the new Vera Bradley magazine. Don’t ask me how I actually spied it; I have never seen so many VB pieces in one place. It looked like there was an explosion at the day-glo-paisley fabric factory.

Flipping through the magazine, I found two pages (out of about 70) that actually had non-white models on them! Yeah Vera! Welcome to post-Civil-Rights-Act America! FYI, the pages are 50 & 53.

I got a few comments (from the same person) on my previous Vera Bradley posts. “Susan” claims that VB gives 100% of the profits of certain prints to breast cancer research. The premiere issue of VB magazine has a layout about breast cancer. A luncheon or banquet is pictured where many women are gathered. Looks to be about 15 women, not one of which is non-white.

This question is for “Susan” (or anyone else who wants to answer): You say 100% “believe it or not.” How can I verify that? I would like to see an annual report or prospectus that shows these numbers. I would assume – especially in this economic climate – that anyone wanting to invest in VB would want to see the numbers.

“Susan” also chastised me for thinking the VB catalogs were photographed in the Hamptons. She claimed they’re produced in Indiana.

Also, “Susan” suggested that I had too much time on my hands if I was blogging about this subject (or maybe she meant blogging about any subject). I emailed her & asked her what she did to fill her precious time but I never got an answer. I guess she was too busy.

On the subject of thank-you cards at Hallmark: I bought a beautiful card from the new UNICEF line. It was a bit more expensive than a regular card of its (rather diminutive) size ($3.50), but it was unique, & UNICEF is one of my favorite charitable organizations.

Have you registered to vote? October 6 is the deadline. If you’re disgusted by the current state of the economy, & if you’re ready to get our precious troops out of Iraq & Afghanistan, put the blame where it belongs. Reject John McCain’s empty promises.

Vote for Barack Obama for president. Tell the filthy rich Republicans we’re mad as hell, & we are not going to take it anymore. Let’s take back our country.


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