Not A Pink Girl

Lessons learned from a short life | September 14, 2008

My friend Nancy died on August 30. Her family did not have a funeral for her. They aren’t including Nancy’s friends in the arrangements for her memorial service which her mother vaguely said would be sometime in the spring in Seattle (where Nancy was born).

So about 13 months after her diagnosis of cancer, she is dead.

I still haven’t quite digested all this. I just got back from a cruise to Bermuda, a trip that came up suddenly & turned out to be a dream come true. I thought a lot about Nancy, our friendship, & her life (its accomplishments & missed opportunities) while I was gazing out at the beautiful ocean. 56 years old is just too young to leave this crazy life (& 56 seems quite young to me, the older I get).

I am having dinner with mutual friends of Nancy’s & mine this week. We haven’t gathered since January & I’m looking forward to sharing some memories of her with them. I’ll check in later in the week. I also want to tell you all about Bermuda.

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